About the Faculty

Brief History


1959. Higher Technical School of Mechanical Engineering

History of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing in Mostar dates back to 1959, by establishment of Higher Technical School of Mechanical Engineering. The original motives for the establishment of this school are connected with the wishes that in Mostar and Herzegovina is provided education of mechanical engineers, to create core of scientific thought and enable transfer of new knowledge to enterprises on this very important geo-economic space.

1976. An independent higher education institution

Guided by these ideas, the school has experienced various transformations until 1976. when it becomes an independent higher education institution within the University of Mostar.

2002. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing

Aware of the fact that the education system on the one side is closely related to technological development, on the other side with the social changes that inevitably happen all the time in the world, Faculty turned a new page in its history in academic 2002/03 initiated a study of Computing with an existing study of mechanical engineering. It caused changing name to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing, University of Mostar. Today when we live in a time of technology-dependent world more than ever, it comes to intense expedient and duly adjustment of higher education to the needs of society. With initiation of study of Computing and modernization of mechanical engineering study, respecting the principles of the Bologna Declaration, we strive to meet the challenges of the coming time.

The Faculty Board

Associate professor, Željko Stojkić, PhD, Dean

Full profesor, Remzo Dedić, PhD,Vice Dean for Science

Suzana Marić, law graduate, Secretary

Teachers and associates

Full professors:

Himzo Đukić, PhD

Vojo Višekruna, PhD

Ante Mišković, PhD

Alija Cigić, PhD

Dragan Čović, PhD

Remzo Dedić, PhD

Snježana Rezić, PhD

Milenko Obad, PhD

Vlado Majstorović, PhD

Šimun Bogdan, PhD

Sven Gotovac, PhD

Zoran Primorac, PhD

Mirjana Bonković, PhD

Dražena Gašpar, PhD

Goran Martinović, PhD

Bojan Dolšak, PhD

Ivanka Boras, PhD

Krešimir Fertalj , PhD

Maja Štula, PhD

Drago Žagar, PhD


Associate professors:

Adisa Vučina, PhD

Davorka Šaravanja, PhD

Željko Stojkić, PhD

Angela Topić, PhD

Ivo Džijan , PhD

Mladen Kvesić, PhD

Nikola Koceić-Bilan, PhD

Tamara Grujić, PhD

Stipo Buljan, PhD



Vesna Raspudić, PhD

Stipo Čelar, PhD

Tomislav Rudec, PhD

Goran Kraljević, PhD

Božo Tomas, PhD

Ante Rezić, PhD

Eugen Mudnić, PhD

Krešimir Šikić, PhD

Irena Galić, PhD

Ivan Radoš, PhD

Bojan Crnković, PhD

Snježana Braić, PhD

Vladimir Pleština, PhD

Katerina Malić-Bandur, PhD

Nebojša Rašović, PhD


Senior lecturers:

Jozo Ljubić, MSc

Karmela Miletić, MSc

Ivan Hrehorović, MSc



Željka Žulj


Senior Assistants:

Ivana Zubac, PhD

Danijel Šogorović, MSc

Miroslav Grubišić, MSc

Marinko Gilja, MSc

Igor Jurčić, MSc



Slaven Pehar

Krešimir Rakić

Marijana Bandić Glavaš

Boris Crnokić

Željko Šeremet

Danijel Zelenika

Mirela Kundid Vasić

Gordan Lješić

Ivan Krasić, MSc

Jadranko Batista

Marijo Krešić

Ozrenko Komadina

Mario Dragičević

Ana Pinjuh

Igor Jurčić

Mila Bunoza

Igor Bošnjak

Darko Šunjić

Nikola Knezović

Daniel Vasić



Administraiton and other staff:

Suzana Marić, Secretary

Marina Bogdan, Technical Secretary

Ljilja Marić, Head of Accounting

Jagoda Glibo, Head of Student Administration

Andrijana Glibo, Student Administration worker

Marinka Čuljak, Hostess

Vera Marojević, Housekeeper

Dragica Marić, Housekeeper

Zdenka Marić, Housekeeper

Nedžad Pajo, tester

Tihomir Ljubić, stoker

Scientific research work

Scientific research work is especially intensify with establishing of Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, who in 1993 became the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Institute of Mechanical Engineering, registered for fundamental, development and applied research in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas permanently provides significant scientific research support to all forms of education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing. Although two independent institutions, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering And Computing and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering act as one organism, an indivisible whole, by educating the economy such experts on university level and professional studies, graduate and doctoral studies. 

Our students

The history of Faculty in not questionable, as it’s his future. About it best evidenced our students, who are now successful and respected engineers, directors or managers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Europe and the world. There is clearly a role and dedication of all the staff of this Faculty who built part of their lives into its results and success. At the same time the pleasant cognition is that this faculty can respond to the challenges of the 21st century with modern concept of education based on the knowledge and expertise of its own staff.


Students of the Faculty have free access to literature, scientific and professional journals in the library of the Faculty and University Library. Library opening hours is from 8:00 to 14:00 hours. In the library, students can also buy scripts, books and other publications exhibited at the university, as well as using the photocopying services.

Computing Centre

Modern computer center is used for teaching in various areas from general computer training, programming, learning database to computer aided design, designing and manufacturing. Students have access to a computer center equipped with modern CAD / CAM / CAP / CAQ software applications and PC network, which is included in the Internet environment through academic networks BIHARNET and CARNET, enabling modern education.


There are numbers of laboratories in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing required for the performing of scientific and educational research. During the war the majority of laboratories were destroyed. In the postwar period initiative created for reinstatement laboratories in the function of teaching and scientific research.

CAD/CAM centre
University of Mostar