Electrical engineering

In the University Undergraduate Study of Electrical Engineering students are qualified for work in various areas of electrical engineering which is becoming the most interesting (and most profitable) field as information technologies develop.

Upon successful completion of their studies, students are qualified for maintenance, implementation and design of average devices, appliances and systems in electrical engineering which include integration of software, hardware and processing solutions together with qualification for design, maintenance of technical documentation and adequate forms of engineering reports.

Implementation of modern informatical tools with compulsory knowledge of at least one foreign language are all postulates of studies in the Undergraduate Study of Electrical Engineering which are basics for continuation of studies for engineers, as well as for the possibility of integration in the european society of knowledge.

Undergraduate Study

Type of study:

University undergraduate study of Electrical Engineering


Study of Electrical Engineering

Professional title:

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering







Study description:

Main goal of the Undergraduate Study of Electrical Engineering is education of future experts competent for development of economical activities based on electrical engineering who will be able to accomodate to constant changes in the area of electrical engineering. Education comprises a build – up of fundamentals  from the area of electrical engineering and engineering in general. Aim of the studies is development of the ability of implementation and use of electrical engineering technologies with a special emphasis on the process of maintenance of electrical engineering equipment in the wide spectrum of application: from processing automation to electroenergetic facilifies. Besides this, students also prepare for further specialization in profession and science and are enabled to enroll in the university graduate studies for gaining the title of Master of Electrical Engineering. The area of electrical engineering is wide and interdisciplinary, so one can say that there does not exist an area of human activity where it can't be applied and where it hasn't contributed its development. One of the characteristics of electrical engineering is an extremely rapid development. Demands of the modern society for electrical energy grow constantly, which causes constant development of devices for energy conversion and detection of new and ecologically acceptable sources with approvements of system for electrical energy distribution.  Continuous and rapid development, as well as constant advancement with new acquirements and accomplishments necessarily calls for adequate education process. Basic prerequisite of faster growth and keeping step with the developed world are exactly qualitatively educated engineers. Suggested Undergraduate Study of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences has a goal to educate staff in the area of electrical engineering for necessities of economy, as well as state and other public institutions. Establishment of the study of electrical engineering would perfectly complete University of Mostar with this one missing study. 

The curriculum

University undergraduate study of Electrical Engineering

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